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GCSE Business Studies

GCSE Business Studies

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Exam Board Qualification Specification
OCR Exam Board - GCSE Business Studies (J253) GCSE Business Studies (9 to 1) J204
 GCSE Specification

GCSE (9-1) in Business (J2004) consists of two sections which are externally examined:  
Business Activity, Marketing and People Written paper 1 hour 30 mins – 80 marks 50% of the qualification.  
Operations, Finance and Influences on Business Written paper 1 hour 30 mins – 80 marks 50% of the qualification.  

 The table below is a breakdown of the units studied at GCSE and the format of the assessments.


 Year 10

Year 11




Business Activity 
The role of enterprise
Business planning
Business ownership
Business stakeholders
Business plan. Business type questions.
Short answer tests to check knowledge.


Extended question on growth.
Production, Finance and Influences on Business Questions on methods of production.
Group research task on quality and its importance.
Possible case study question on quality and business reputation.
Growth (mergers and takeovers)
Factors affecting business location
Different methods of production job, batch and flow)
Quality of goods and services
Selling and Customers Service



Business Activity (continued)
The role of marketing Market research and segments
Questions on market research.
Students conduct secondary and primary research

Marketing plan assignment.


Questions on the 4 parts of the mix and how they are linked.
Multiple choice
Sources of finance  
Business accounts 
Possible case study question on Sources of finance.  
Calculate revenue, costs and profits. 
Break-even chart calculation and comments.
Complete a cash flow forecast and comment upon the results. 
Year 11 Mock examination paper. 
Marketing (continued)
Marketing mix (Price, Product, Place, Promotion)
Cash flow forecasts
Summer    People
Role of HR
Business Organisation
Retention (pay, management style, fringe benefits, etc.)
Employment Law
Recruitment question.
Training question.
Multiple choice. 
Short answer tests to check knowledge. 
Year 10 Mock examination paper.
Influences on Business 
Business ethics    
The economy    
Look at a case study and comment on the impact of business activity. 
Question on how the government may deal with different economic situations. 
Possible case study and questions on the impact of globalisation on businesses.
Revision 1
External Examination Business Activity (50%)
Revision 2 External Examination Business Finance and the External Business Environment (50%)