Soham Village College

GCSE Electronics (Legacy)

GCSE D&T Electronics & Control Systems

Class of 2018 Only

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Exam Board Qualification Specification
OCR Exam Board - GCSE D&T Electronics & Control System (J301) GCSE D&T Electronics & Control Systems
The course is single tier which is broken down into 3 units:

Unit A511 – Controlled Assessment 30%

Unit A513 – Controlled Assessment 30%

Unit A514 – 1½ hour Exam paper 40%

 The table below is a breakdown of the units studied at GCSE and the format of the assessments.


 Year 10

Year 11


Autumn     Unit A514 Exam Theory Mock GCSE Exam – 1 hours A513 Controlled Assessment Project
(30% of final grade)
Designing (12 marks)
Unit A514 Practical Experiments Photo write up and I hour Exam A513 Controlled Assessment Project

Making (36 Marks)

Mock GCSE Exam – 2 hours
Spring    Unit A511 Practical Experiments for components using simulation software. Photo write up and I hour Exam A513 Controlled Assessment Project Evaluation and Testing  (8 Marks)
A511 Controlled Assessment project
(30% of final grade)
Creativity (10 Marks
Design section (14 marks)
Exam Theory
(40% of final grade)
Mock exam questions
Summer    A511 Controlled Assessment project Making section (28 marks) Exam Technique and Practice
(40% of final grade)
Final GCSE Exam –1 ½ hours
A511 Controlled Assessment project Evaluation section (8 marks)