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GCSE Physical Education / BTEC Sport

If students choose Physical Education as an option in Year 9 then they will study either GSCE PE or BTEC Sport. Both of these courses are of equal value.
Which course students follow will be based on an assessment that they will complete at the end of Year 9. This consists of taking part in a range of sports, coursework type assignments and a small exam. All of these are elements of either BTEC Sport or GCSE PE and allow us to ensure students will be placed on the course that will maximise their chances of success. Students are not able to choose which course to study.
These courses both build on the knowledge, understanding and skills established in Key Stage 3 Physical Education. They will give you exciting opportunities to be involved in a number of different physical activities, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. You should have an interest in physical education and sport, currently participate in sport, enjoy being active and appreciate the benefits of keeping fit and healthy.

BTEC Sport

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Exam Board Qualification Specification
EdExcel Exam Board - GCSE Art & Design (Unendorsed 2AD01) BTEC First Award in Sport 600/4779/3


Learners must complete the two core units, and two optional units, each worth 25% of the qualification. Three of the units are assessed through assignments. One of the units is assessed by an on-line exam.

The table below is a breakdown of the units studied for BTEC Sport and the format of the assessments.

Year 10

Unit Information Assessment
Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise Learners will cover the components of physical and skill-related fitness and the principles of training; explore different fitness training methods for developing components of fitness; gain knowledge and skills in undertaking and administering fitness tests. This unit is particularly relevant for learners who would like to work in sports coaching, elite sport or personal training. On-line exam 25%
Unit 2: Practical Sports Performance Participation in sport continues to grow, as people become more aware of the benefits of physical activity. This unit focuses on developing and improving learners own practical sports performance and introduces them to a variety of different sports and, through participating in different sports, they will develop knowledge of the associated rules, regulations, scoring systems, skills, techniques and tactics.



 Year 11

Unit Information Assessment
Unit 3:  Applying the Principles of Personal Training This unit supports you in achieving personal training goals for your chosen activity/sport. If you already possess good to exceptional levels of fitness, then this unit will help you to develop a training programme to maintain or improve those levels, while giving you the opportunity to safely explore other training methods you might not usually experience. You will also explore how your body responds to the training sessions


Unit 4: The Mind and Sports Performance This unit looks at the concepts that influence the mind in sporting situations and, most importantly, explores the effects that they can have on sports performance. It will enable you to understand your own sports performance, why you have achieved the results you have and what you could do in the future to improve your preparation and performance. This unit will also help you to develop skills in teaching, coaching and helping other people.




GCSE Physical Education

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Exam Board Qualification Specification
AQA Logo GCSE Physical Education J587
The GCSE PE course is split into two main elements, practical and theory.

Theory – 60%

The theory section of this course is worth 60% and so the majority of time is spent studying the course material required to be successful. This will be assessed thorough 2 exam papers each 1 hour long that will be sat toward the end of Year 11.


Paper 1 Physical Factors Affecting Performance
Anatomy and Physiology
Physical Training
Exam - 60 marks 30%
Paper 2 Socio-cultural Issues And Sports Psychology
Sports Psychology
Socio-cultural Influences
Health, Fitness and Wellbeing
Exam - 60 marks 30%
Practical – 40%
The practical section is assessed through 3 sports and 1 written assignment. Students will need to be participating regularly in at least one sport to be successful in the GCSE PE. The practical assessments
Sport 1 Individual sport 20 marks 10%
Sport 2 Team sport 20 marks 10%
Sport 3 Individual or team sport 20 marks 10%
Non Examined Assessment (NEA) Coursework 20 marks 10%


Please note: The practical part of the GCSE course follows a set curriculum of activities which all students undertake.  Over the two years, alternative activities are offered that incur a cost (to pay for transport and facility hire) for example, climbing.  Whilst the college subsidises this heavily, in order for these activities to be completed a parental contribution is required, this can be paid in instalments.  Anyone in need of financial assistance to cover this cost should seek advice from the Principal.